Trainers Childcare Center

(770) 263-1981

Hours of Operation - 24/7

24-Hour Facility Access Available

Caring for Young and Older Children

Leave your little one with caregivers that you can trust. At Trainers Childcare Center, we offer reliable daycare services to parents. Our responsible professionals have the training to watch over any child.

Meals and Snacks

While your son or daughter is in our care, we'll ensure they eat well-balanced meals to keep them growing strong. We follow the state-approved healthy nutrition guidelines to prepare breakfast, lunch, p.m. snacks, dinner, and evening snacks for kids in our care.

Learning Services

Not only will we take care of your child, but we'll also teach them. We follow a curriculum that follows the Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards (GELDS). Like all daycare centers in the state, we are committed to complying with this new set of standards.

Our educators are qualified to teach boys and girls different subjects, including math, social studies, and science. Additionally, we can teach them different foreign languages, like French and Spanish. For younger children, we have the skills to assist them in 5 child development areas, including:

  • Physical Development and Motor Skills (PDM)
  • Social and Emotional Development (SED)
  • Approaches to Play and Learning (APL)
  • Communication, Language, and Literacy Development (CLL)
  • Cognitive Development and General Knowledge (CD)

Field Trips

Children have the ability to learn new things in classrooms, as well as outside of them. For this reason, we make it a point to take our students on different field trips. We typically visit:

  • Parks
  • The Zoo
  • Movie Theaters
  • The Sky Zone
  • Game Centers
  • The Aquarium